Basic language:-



C# language:-



Class, Object and Method

Operator overloading and Method overloading

Interface and Delegates

Exception handling

introduction Of ASP.NET(4.0):-

.Net framwork


Managedcode and unmanagedcode

Client side

Server side

Server Controls :-

Label control

Textbox control

Button control

Check box control

Radio Button control

Image control

File Upload control

DropDown list control

List box control

Checkboxlist and Radiobuttonlist control

Validation :-

Server Side validation

Client side validation

Designing :-

Master Page

Child Page


Template Editing

Ajax :-

Ajax Server control

Update Panel control

Ajax Toolkit control

Timer contol

Calender Extender control

Java Script :-

Use of javascript


Pop Ups




Data Base(SQL SERVER-2008) :-

Indroduction of Sql server

Static and dynamic conection string

Data set and data table Object

Sql command

Sql DataAdapter


Three Tier Architecture

Data Bound Control

Web Services

API Connectivity

Project :-

Work on Live project

Web hosting

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The .NET Framework is a programming framework improved by Microsoft that runs principally on Microsoft Windows. It incorporates an extensive library and gives dialect interoperability over numerous modifying dialects. Programs composed for the .

NET Framework execute at many place on earth, regarded as the Common Language Runtime (CLR), a provision virtual machine that furnishes administrations, for example security, memory administration, and special case taking care of. The class library and the CLR together constitute the .NET Framework.